E=Mc^2, just a look at this equation brings to us grand visions of space time continuum , the bending of space-time ,visions of how a time machine might be constructed and how energy would directly be converted into matter.
The moment any geek sees this equation, his heart starts pounding as if Mr. Einstein himself is going to jump out of it.

For me, however this equation carried very little significance up till now. To start with, I didn’t understand how a person could conclude the relationship between energy and matter while playing violin!. Secondly, it was hard for me to really grasp the meaning of this equation as I personally have never witnessed or heard energy being converted into matter  directly (that’s the best I could understand it), but this was only up till now.

Just a few days back while playing my guitar :),I was finally able to conclude one life changing theory of my own and it is called THE THEORY OR NEGATIVITY and mathematically it is defined as N=F*P^2.

N= Negativity in a person
F= Fear of Failure
P= Past experiences

Essence of the theory of negativity= Negativity in any person is directly proportional to Fear Of Failure.

To equate N to F, a constant of proportionality is introduced as P which is basically the negative past experiences (heard or felt).


As the L.H.S of the equation (N)  is directly proportional to the R.H.S (F), we can control the amount of negative emotions if we learn how to overcome the fear of failures, P being a constant of the past, which may not be changed.

Isn’t this a simple mathematical truth which defines why a person might be negative to varying degrees?


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